Seminars are organized in order to enable students to get to know the latest happenings in the industry and the corporate world. Seminars also expose students to potential employers who assess and judge our student's knowledge and maturity levels. The themes of the seminars are contemporary and innovative like:

  • Leadership Seminar
  • Biotechnology Management
  • Emerging Trends in Engineering
  • Research Methodology


We at IDEA firmly believe workshops act as catalyst in development and transformation of student's personality and help the future managers to contribute in a positive manner to the organization which they will join. Students are encouraged to prove their planning and organizational acumen by organizing different workshops on diverse topics related to their program. Student's interaction with the speakers from different industries and academic background helps them to understand latest trends in industry.

Management Games

Team work is a key for achieving success in any enterprise. For any organization, to achieve its goal, compatibility between peers is vital. In order to provide students an environment for effective learning as a team player, management games are conducted during induction and regularly thereafter. It helps students in interacting, communicating and completing the tasks assigned to them more efficiently.